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Pre- and post-conflict perspectives of identity and culture in Uganda Written by Edith Natukunda-Togboa
From talk to text - Using the 'Conversation Analytic Role-play Method' to engage (potential) mediation clients in spoken and written communication Written by Elizabeth Stokoe
Reading between the lines - Life through literature in a prison reading group Written by Patricia Canning
LinC's Lesley and Jim on the Middle Way Society's Podcast Written by team@languageinconflict.org
The ever-changing nature of 'the Balkan' Written by Milena Marinkova
Language in Conflict in Babel magazine Written by Matthew Evans
Root causes - 'Peace' and 'conflict' Written by John Kelly
Language and the Syrian conflict Written by Matthew Evans
Observations on face in mediation Written by Roger Seaman
In the News - Opposition Written by Matthew Evans
In the News - Metaphor Written by Matthew Evans
Making sense of war and trauma through poetry Written by Patrick Howse
Where they stand - How Europe talks about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Written by Jim O'Driscoll
Language, conflict and incarceration in Northern Ireland and Wales Written by Diarmait Mac Giolla Chriost
When is a terrorist a terrorist? Written by James Rodgers
'Threat' and 'risk' - Their part in the Iraq war Written by Lesley Jeffries
'The author and the princess' – An example of Critical Discourse Analysis Written by Matthew Evans
'Us' and 'the others' - Stereotypes Written by Edith Podhovnik
Us/them, good/bad - How conflicts arise through language Written by Lesley Jeffries
In the News - Naming Written by Matthew Evans
'Everyone’s a victim' - The problem of ubuntu Written by Cathy Bollaert
Interactive parameters of conflict situations Written by Jim O'Driscoll
Welcome to Language in Conflict Written by team@languageinconflict.org

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