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Language in Conflict is dedicated to bridging the gap between the field of linguistics and the study and resolution of conflict.

Our research team of academics based at the University of Huddersfield has established this web platform as part of the Language in Conflict project. The project seeks to conduct pioneering research into how linguistics can enhance existing approaches to conflict resolution and the web platform will be crucial in building on our previous conflict-centred work in areas of linguistics such as pragmatics and critical stylistics. Conflict resolution academics and professionals have responded positively to the linguistic approaches used in our work and we aim to build on this enthusiasm by facilitating original, cross-disciplinary research.

Exploratory articles written by members of the research team and the website community will be added to the platform regularly. Contributors will explain their different areas of interest, explore new avenues for research and respond to others' ideas. We hope that these articles will encourage understanding, discussion and cooperation between the disciplines, in turn encouraging an increasing number of readers to take the opportunity to become contributors. A guide to writing for Language in Conflict can be found in Contribute.

The platform encourages interaction amongst authors and readers from different disciplines through the comments section, which can be found beneath each article. This function enables readers to provide feedback on articles and to debate different approaches and ideas. We invite readers to register an account on the website, which will allow them to comment on articles and also upload their own writings. Information about our contributors' professional backgrounds and interests are detailed in Our Authors.

As well as producing regular articles and fostering interaction and debate, Language in Conflict provides a guide to the wider field of linguistics research. The Linguistic Toolbox on the right-hand side of the website comprises concise introductions to the various linguistic methodologies that can be applied to analyse conflict situations. These are accompanied by suggestions for further reading, guiding readers to introductory texts and more specialist work. The Links page offers a guide to useful linguistics websites and journals.

As Language in Conflict continues to develop, we welcome any feedback or comments from readers and contributors. We want the site to cross boundaries, becoming an important source of research, information and contacts for academics, professionals and the public. We hope you find Language in Conflict informative and inspiring, and feel encouraged to help shape the future of this platform.


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